Poor Sam...

I just could not help myself. 

When I saw this hilariously captioned pic, I knew it had to be seen on WeevilMaw. 

There are some men/fathers/husbands (hint-his initials are TT & he's the middle one) in our quaint little hamlet that believe PMS-female hormones are just something we women invented so we have the freedom to vent our frustrations. I believe my sweet hubs can atest that this picture paints an accurate portrait of life with his darling 35 year old wife and adorable 13 year old daughter at certain times of the lunar cycle. 

To see other hilarious, witty, creative pics of cats (and other animals) visit http://icanhascheezburger.com/ 

I promise you will laugh at least once during your visit.

I check usually once a week and never fail to chuckle or even guffaw.
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all those quotes about pride are right (even the one about toads that I don't get)

You know what makes me happy?

My boy mowing the yard in his orange baseball cap and red shorts and grey tshirt. It's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Also, my daughter dancing and cheering at cheerleading camp and the cute funny face she makes when she makes a small mistake. Also the way she shakes her shoulders when she tries to "shimmy." My heart just swells with love.

My baby daughter coming out of her room after dressing herself in a pink t-shirt, denim bermuda shorts, and her aqua blue & brown cowgirl boots. Makes me smile days later just thinking about it.

Also, my husband has a weird hair pattern and in the back there is a group of hairs that most often sticks up. We call it "falfing," as in Alfalfa. It makes me smile, unless we are going someplace semiformal, which is almost never.

All the little quirky unique things our loved ones do that are endearing and they don't have any idea.

My own quirks, my stupid pride that won't let me rectify a situation, are not so endearing even to me. 

I see what I've done.

I know apologies are like gifts. You lay them at someones doorstep and they can choose whether or not to accept them. I guess I would rather be this way, which is awkward and uncomfortable and guilty, than have to deal with the rejected apology, and therefore a rejection of me. 

So I am a short scared little dummy.

Oh my stupid pride.

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(no subject)

I started reading the blog "Bring the Rain" a while back. Angie and her family went through such a trial with the birth and short life of Audrey. Angie's posts are alway poignant, beautiful, wise, and spirit filled. They are a testament to her faith and her realness and her humaness. If you get a chance take a look at todays' post do, please don't miss it.   http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com/   I'm gonna try this linky thing again, I hope it works.

Angie's post made me think about how I want my life in pictures to look.

What kind of picture does it make?

What are the snapshots of?

Is it pleasing to the Lord? 

Does it glorify him? 

And the song that plays first on her playlist is amazing.



Not a wordsmith

 Hello interpeeps and blawgosphere. 

Happy belated Independence Day. Hope yours was a blast. I know ours was.

I'm having that writers' block thing...again.

I think of things that seem blogworthy and then suddenly they seem unblogworthy.

I look at other blogs that are hilariously funny or profoundly wise or timely and relevant or beautifully written 
and I lose the urge to type anything.

I am also doing one of my things where I am trying to focus on the big picture.

Trying to see the big picture. 

Trying to listen a little closer to HIM.

Trying to concentrate a little less on myself.

Somehow it all messes with bloggity thoughts.

It's wacking out my ability to come up with a coherent cohesive blog.

But then again that is somewhat usual.

So til the next time I have something to say. 

Stay cool. I'll be reading.
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How awesomely cool is this? But at the same time not...

This is my mom and her sister, my aunt (duh). 

They are both going through chemotherapy, and both bald because of it. 

My aunt is on her third round of infusion chemotherapy. This is mom's first, and hopefully last,  round of chemo. Mom has three more infusion sessions then she will have 6 weeks of radiation. 

Notice their pink breast cancer awareness ribbon (fake!) tatoos. Aren't they cool? 

I was thinking of getting a real tattoo of this, but when I mention it my husband asks if I like being married. 

I don't think that's very nice of him. But I do like being married. 

These two are a hoot, let me tell you. I'm blessed to have them as examples of strength, resiliency, positive attitude, and faith in the Lord. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 

You can check out mom's other photographs at her redbubble site (courier's redbubble), listed in my sidebar to the left. She calls this picture ChromeDomes!  It looks better on her site.
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Shiny Happy (morning) People

Don't you think it's weird how need caffeine before being pleasant, hit the snooze   button at least 2 times, nonmorning people (ME!) marry happy go lucky, cheerful, get up and go, annoyingly perky when their eyes first open, morning people (MyDearHubs!)? 

This nonmorning person needs at least half an hour of being awake before having a nice, pleasant, cordial conversation with anyone. I prefer not to speak until having been awake for an hour. When I hit my nice warm bath water, minutes after waking up,  I think "Oh thank God this is so destressing!" 

Then I think "I just woke up, how can I be stressed already?" 

Next  in the waking up process I soak in my nice warm bath water and stare out the window (or at the faucet) and relax (because waking up is hard to do that's why!) for about 10  minutes. THEN I go through the actual body and hair washing process.
Sometime during this in the bath time, hubby comes into our bathroom. He usually has something annoyingly cheerful to say. Normally, it's something obnoxious like "Good morning honey!" or "How's the soak going?" To which I utter some kind of grunt.

Sometimes, before he comes into the bathroom, he has the audacity to lay in bed for a couple of minutes and listen to music on the alarm clock! Can you beleive that!?!? Sometimes he even listens to the Ag Report on said alarm clock.

I don't know what's the matter with him. We're going to have to talk about this behavior. It interrupts my relaxing bath time.

Yesterday, while in the tub, I heard the toilet flush. The toilet plumbing made some kind of weird gurgle plumbing noise. Hubs says"That sounded cool. Like drums you would hear on an island..." 

To which I replied "Yah, like what the cannibals play before they eat you." 

I'm a very positive and cheerful morning person. Did I already say that? 

Later he had the audacity to say something about what I was wearing while ironing my shirt. Something about how the stripes on the towel on my head and the stripes on my underwear didn't match. The he swatted my hiney! The nerve of him! Trying to give me outfit/clothing advice and in the morning, BEFORE my Dr. Pepper. Then the swat. Whatever.

It's a good thing I was running late and he was down the steps and out the door before I could react. 
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So happy I could pop!

I have been sitting at my desk for most of the day today. I was at my desk for most of the day Tuesday as well. 

Yesterday I sat in a pickup for about 4 hours (three of them with my boss) and then sat in a hard plastic chair at weevilschool for 4 hours. 

By the way, the best part of weevilschool was the lunch. Specifically, this truly phenomenal potato salad. And I am in no way a great lover of potato salad, but this, this potato salad, is pure potato salad glory. 

It's like a tangy loaded baked potato but in cold salad form.

And I realize that sounds weird, but it's delicious. 

I probably wouldn't be going on and on and on about the potato salad if I had eaten more than M & M's, club crackers, and a bread & butter pickle spear today. But that is beside the point.

I've been sitting at my desk for eternity because when I walked back into my office after 10 blissful days of vacation, I walked in to what can only be described as a full on, horrific, living nightmare. 

If there ever was a weevilhell, I am in it. For serious.

Except that it is a frigid, arctic weevilhell. Because if you adjust the temperature on the thermostat one minute degree, the air conditioner it-implodes and turns the office into desert hothouse. Then the four male creatures who occasionally work in this metal meatlocker of an office implode too, because their delicate bodies can't handle anything over 68 degrees when in the indoors. Whatever...

But the subzero temperatures give me a reason to venture outdoors into the blast furnace that is the west Texas environment. 

I am trying to look on the brightside blawgopeeps.

So back to my nightmare. The nightmare is my fault totally. I didn't have everything in the most clear and easy and precise (read kindergarten level) instructions and preparations before I left. Knowing this doesn't lessen the horror and brutal bloodshed that is two feet of paperwork, corrections, and updates to be made. 

I am repeatedly looking for a tiny nine digit number in a trillion number sea. The proverbial needle in the haystack. That's where I am living. It's a big frickin haystack.

What's getting me through is music on the internet. You can find any song on the internet. And I look for some obscure stuff. 

I've got what some have called eclectic taste in music

Ever heard of Flesh for Lulu? How bout Abra Moore? How about some Mighty, Mighty Lemondrops? Maybe some Paul Westerburg or Replacements (not really obscure, but not so well known in these here parts). Maybe some Freedy Johnston? I didn't figure you had. But I sure have, and I love me some.

Praise be to God, I can youtube Miss Abra, or LastFM Freedy, or google some Lemondrops and then I can listen to any of em. It's so completely cool. 

Thank God for the marvels of this electronic age we are living in. Because without them I am just not sure if my brain would survive what has become my own personal hell with any semblance of the partial sanity I had before I came back to work on Tuesday.

And I just wanted you to know that. Especially the part about the potato salad. 

And the music. 

And the hell.

I really hope the weevilgods don't install the superfirewalls in my computer anytime soon. Pray for me internets. 

Pray they don't stop the music.

Rise Above This

</font>If I were a "normal" blogger and mom, etc.etc, this blog post would be about the wonderful family vacation I took. And it would be complete with the requisite badly posed vacation shots.

However, I am not normal and not a normal blogger, if there is such a thing. 

But you already knew that didn't you?!?!

So, if you actually do want to see any of our vacation shots you will want to venture on over to Mimi's RedBubble site. That's right folks, I travel with my own personal paparazzi (however you spell it...). Unfortunately, said superphotog/Mimi/Mom may not post for another couple o' days because she is gettin' the chemo today, and then she gets everything else that goes along with it. (Double YUCK!) Please keep her in your prayers.

And if you really are wondering how our vacation was, it was AWESOME. Complete with all the hilarity and quirkyness you've come to expect from my family. And that's the way, uh huh uh huh, we like it.

But on to the real point of this post. Because even when you don't think I have one, 

SURPRISE!!! There is a point.

There really, really is.

So here is my question for you. Does a song ever get stuck in your head?

 In my case usually it will be a few lines of a song that get stuck in an endless playloop in my noggin. So recently I had a particular song in my head for going on oh...about two weeks. 

Yah, TWO weeks. Sometimes the crazy gets ahold of me.

And the really bad part was I couldn't remember where I heard the song. Therefore I couldn't hear the actual whole song again. All I had were about two lines yelling "RISEABOVETHIS!RISEABOVETHIS!" along with some nice instrumental guitar riffs, over and over and over. 

So I was left wondering "Was it on the alternative christian station or the alternative rock station or on yahoo that I listen to while working at weevil headquarters? Where did I hear that song?!" 


FINALLY, while on vacation last week, I asked my 17 year old brother if he recognized it. I kind of warbled the two lines and the instrumentation that I remembered and then suddenly he was all "DUH Sissy... It's Seether "Rise Above This." I don't really like it though." Well ok then mister cool big music critic afficionado...person. (But he didn't laugh at me or my singing.What's wrong with him?)

(In my opinion he doesn't like it because the lyrics are recognizeable and there is more than just bass and metal and drums and screaming in the song. But anyway...)

My brother likes his metal rock, yes he does.

And, yes, I'm 35. And yes, he still calls me Sissy. When he calls me by my real name, it freaks me out and makes me feel old, and I don't think he 's talking to me. So I look around and realize I am the only one with said name and feel like a weird, old, freaked out dummy And who wants that?
So I'll stick with, and he'll stick with, Sissy, thank you very much.

Anyway, my other brother (14 yrs old) and I got stuck on the song. He even taught himself the guitar riffs, because he is motivated like that. That kid is a ball of energy and light I tell you. I just sang the song constantly (and probably annoyingly) and watched the video on YouTube a couple (or 12) times. Littlest bro and I talked about how the lyrics could be applied to a relationship with God, which was pretty cool I thought. 

Littlest brother also informed me that the lead singer used to be an alcoholic and a rock n roll bad boy. And from the video he still looks the part but apparently he has calmed down somewhat. Perhaps he has found a way to rise above his doubt.

While the song doesn't translate exactly into a christian song, it does translate for me as a Christian. The lyrics were written by the lead singer after his brother commited suicide, which must be a horrendous load to deal with, difficult to come out from under the pain and grief and loss. For me it is a reminder to call God's name when I feel helpless, when I doubt, when things seem dark, when the void seems endless and unfillable, or when everything seems in vain. I need this reminder as sometimes I try to deal with things on my own, without listening to God, and it doesn't work out so well. 

Oh how I need the reminder, daily, to call on God for his guidance, to find his will, to lean on him, and give my burdens to him. For his help to rise above.

I also need him to "undarken everything around me," as the song says. Or to "make beauty of my mess," but that's another song by Ayeisha Woods.

If you can take the rock, here's the video. If you're not so much on the rock n roll, the lyrics are below.Maybe you'll see what I saw and hear what I heard.

By the way, the 2nd line says "call the clowns and listen closely." For me you guys are the clowns. I can always look to you for a smile, a laugh, a prayer, a hug, or for encouragement. In addition to the Lord, I call on you when I need some strength and support. 

Thanks blawgosphere. And I hope you can call on me, too.

1 Chronicles 16:8, Psalm 105:1, Isaiah 12:4 "Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done."

Lamentations 3:55  "I called on your name, oh Lord, from the depths of the pit."

Acts 2:21, Joel 2:32, Romans 10:13 "And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."

"Rise Above This"
by Seether

Take the light, undarken everything around me
Call the clowns and listen closely, i'm lost without you
Call your name every day when i feel so helpless
I'm fallin' down but i'll rise above this, rise above this

Hate the mind, regrets are better left unspoken
For all we know, this void will grow and
Everything's in vain, distressing you though it leaves me open
Feels so right, but i'll end this all before it gets me

Call your name every day, when i feel so helpless
I'm fallin' down, but i'll rise above this, rise above this
Call your name every day, when i seem so helpless
I'm fallin' down, but i'll rise above this, rise above this doubt

I'll mend myself before it gets me
(i'll mend myself before it gets me)
I'll mend myself before it gets me
(i'll mend myself before it gets me)

Call your name every day, when i feel so helpless
I'm fallin' down, but i'll rise above this, rise above this
Forty eight ways to say that i'm feelin' helpless
Fallin' down, fallin down', but i'll rise above this, rise above this doubt
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The Longest Day

 So I decided to fast "yesterday," I was spurred on by the blog Pray for Trey & Tyler and my friend Wilma. I had originally planned to skip lunch, but then Mom called and needed a ride home for lunch. You know you can't say no to your cancerous mom. Really, you can't. So I ate some delicious pasta with mom and decided I would skip afternoon snack, supper, and bedtime snack. But the bigger decision is I decided to forego Dr.Pepper and drink only water or -ades fort he day. Thus began the Longest Day in Recorded History, EVAH.

Here are some of my...thoughts, rantings, musings...as the day went by:

Tuesday, 5/27/08
10 am: I bought some VitaminWater in Essential Orange (c+calcium) flavor. It tastes like Tang, I think since I haven't had Tang since 1977. It also tastes mysteriously similar to the stuff you have to drink at the Ob/Gyn for your gestational diabetes/glucose test. It's not Dr Pepper that's for sure. I won't be adding it to my daily rotation.

10:30 am: I just slipped down friggin' bar ditch and landed smack on my bottom. I wrenched my neck too. I bet that tractor driver in the next field had himself a nice laugh! I think it's the lack of caffeine, I couldn't concentrate on walking...Lord help me.

11:22 am: I successfully crossed a bar ditch! But when I got to the other side my arms were so heavy I had trouble driving the wooden stake into the soft ground. Again, I am blaming it on lack of caffeine. Gosh, I hope I can get back across that bar ditch.

11:23 am: I made it back to my truck!

12:30 pm: I do not like blue gatorade. And what the heck is frost flavor? Whoever tasted frost? Weirdos, that's who. That is so dumb, frost flavor...whatever.

1:30 pm: I AM SOOO TIRED. I am really not sure I should be driving. Do they make caffeinated water?

2:45 pm: The a/c is not working in my office, it's making me suicidal. I may go weevil on somebody today. (God please protect my employees.)

3:45 pm: The radio in my truck isn't coming in. I am thinking about ripping it out of the dash and then driving over it a few times to see if that improves the reception. God, why don't they make Dr. Pepper flavored gatorade?

4:15 pm: I do not like fruit punch gatorade. I can not think of a fruit, or a combination of fruits, that tastes remotely close to this.

4:20 pm: My husband just called. Seems he dropped a tractor implement and it put a 1 1/2 in deep hole in his right foot. That is so sad. I reeeeeaaaaalllyyy need a Dr.Pepper. But wait, he got pain pills from the doctor!  Forget I said that, Dr .Pepper is better than pain meds. I hope my husband is ok. 

5:30 pm: There is no a/c in the office, it is hotter in this stinking aluminum foil hothouse than it is outside. I have an icepack between my back & the back of the chair. An ice cold Dr Pepper would be so great right now.

6:00 pm: Lemon lime Gatorade isn't that bad. It helps that it is coldcoldcold. I just went and stood with my head in the refrigerator freezer for 5 minutes. I think I have frostbite on my ears but it softened the dull pounding thatis in my head.  

6:45 pm: I am going to pick up Sam from the in-laws house. He can't drive because it is his right foot and he's on pain killers. I am now having cramps so bad they are in my legs. A Dr. Pepper would relax me and possibly cure my cramps, I just know it.

7:48 pm: Everyone has eaten their delicious juicy hamburgers and salty french fries. I on the other hand had a JuicyJuice Fruit Punch juice box. Again, no fruit combination produced the flavor known as fruit punch, ever. Those french fries look so good, the ketchup, the salt, the grease...sigh. Wash it down with an ice cold Dr Pepper...

7:55 pm: I can't stop thinking about the fries. I keep contemplating eating just one but it reminds of this girl who claimed she was a vegan but was always stealing bites of pepperoni and ham from her roomate. Hypocrite. I will resist. Luckily we are out of caffeine free Dr. Pepper, I was justifying it in my head that it was and -ade because it was caffeine free, I was about to crater to the urge. Thank God we are out of CFDP. God was watching out for me.

9:00 pm: Everyone is in bed. I am distracting my brain from hunger and lack of caffeine by texting and playing endless rounds of brickbreaker on my cell phone. The electricity keeps flickering due to the horrendous torrential downpour. I am so jumpy, I keep getting killed in brick breaker because my fingers aren't steady. Shouldn't I be less jumpy without the caffeine? It's all lies, all the propaganda about caffeine, lies I tell you. Caffeine is the breath of life, the yin in my yang, the calm in my storm.

9:45 pm: I am giving up. Going to bed. I hope I can sleep without the calming influence of caffeine in my system.


6:30 pm: Wow, it's time to get up. I got a great nights sleep. I usually can't sleep through  a storm, but man did I. Must have been the two TylenolPM's. Yah, that's it.

7:45 pm: Just left Allsups. Got a 32 oz fountain Dr Pepper and a 12 pack for the fridge. I'm back baby! But I think I'll have no caffeine after lunch and see how I sleep tonight. Still have a lemonlime Gatorade in the fridge. That wasn't so bad afterall...
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